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Ainhoa Neith was born is Spain Madrid, but grew up in Italy in Rome. Since an early age she was an introverted but curious child surrounded by nature. She grew up with a strong affinity to art, dreaming and imagining worlds where she had full freedom to her artistic expression through painting and drawing.

Her education and career in Fashion Design and Digital Design took her across Europe, South America and Asia, where she has spent over 8 years in India. Her time in India has led to a deep transformation with fresh perspectives and artistic expression through the process of self analysis.

Despite not having had any formal art education, she decided to immerse herself in any form of art and the fed her curiosity through reading about science, history and astronomy, that could unlock and answer her constant need of understanding, experimenting ways of old masters which has influenced her style.

ainhoa neith moder visionary artist
ainhoa neith moder visionary artist

Her work is largely themed around gnostic stories, 

mythology, ancient civilizations ,symbols and archetype 

evoking the hidden worlds of the unconscious.


 — most often with a powerful, expressive woman leading the visual narrative and bubbles that resemble the world she dream in her paintings.

In 2016 she attended The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art seminar in Italy with teachers and mentors like Amanda Sage, Daniel Mirante and Adam Scott Miller. The course gave her to opportunity to learn the Mischtechnik which has led to more refined artistic pursuits towards new mediums like oil, tempera,and old ways of painting, creating her own medium and colours.

Since then she have been exploring her artistic vocation

participating in art events, organising workshops, co-teaching with her master and mentor Daniel Mirante, which have give a big mark of evolution from her early stage paintings to the actual ones.

Ainhoa Neith  The Art of a Surrealist artist
Studies and Art Classes seminars

“My purpose of art is connecting with other through a universal visual language"

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